Japan Nano Catalyst Indoor Air Purification (IAQ Control)

Our adept technical staff equip with professional spraying gun and standard method to spray Nano Catalyst on the surface of furniture. It can be achieved “One time spraying and long-period effective”. After spraying, it is colorless and tasteless, so it will not affect the color and surface of furniture.

Our Indoor Air Purification can reduce the opportunity of getting an infectious disease effectively, home mildew and VOC which is caused by renovation can be decomposed too. It becomes a necessary treatment when you move in a new house!

Our Nano Catalyst is different from Photo Catalyst, it does not require sunlight / UV light to function itself, so it can function as normal at night.

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Essential Service After Renovation – Indoor Air Purification / VOC Control

Magic Clean has more than 10 years of experience in VOC and formaldehyde removal. Our services include offices, shops, schools and residences. We are your first choice!

Magic Clean was honor to be invited by Consumer Council and TV Broadcasts to demonstrate the VOCs (include Formaldehyde) measurement on 11 Sep, 2017. (Introducing VOC measurement from 3:25s in the video)
We hope the public and consumers can enhance the awareness of indoor air pollutants VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) and formaldehyde in the future.

Eight advantages of using our Nano Catalyst

  • Spraying one time, effective long period
  • Strong and effective to decompose harmful VOC, such as formaldehyde and benzene, etc.
  • Strong and effective to decompose foul smell, pet smell and odor
  • Effective to reduce the opportunity of getting allergic rhinitis and asthma
  • Effective to kill fungus, bacteria and mildew
  • 24 hours cleaning itself, it does not contain heavy metal and will not cause the second pollution
  • No space, electricity and change of accessory is required
  • Effective to control SARS and influenza

Applied Location

Apply for home(Photo references)
In addition to decompose VOC, Magic Solution also has a strong function to anti-pollution and auto-clean itself. It is effective to kill fungus, bacteria and mildew, so that we can keep a long-term hygiene and cleaning.

Apply for office(Photo references)
Magic technology can be applied for office building and central air conditioner, it can effectively inhibit the growth of fungus, bacteria and mildew. Also, it can reduce the air pollution of indoor office environment and lower the chance of getting cross infection in hospital. In addition to enhance the hygiene of our environment, but also no repair charge is needed.

Apply for car(Photo references) (Video references)
Carriage machines or accessories, such as carpet, roof felt, chair and plastic accessories, all of them contain formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful VOC. Especially for first six months, carriage will release these harmful VOC continually, this will make driver get headache, powerless, uncomfortable.
If you get these symptom, you may inhale excessive VOC.
Magic Solution can effectively decompose different bad smell in door, such as smell of formaldehyde, smell of cigarette, smell of pet and other peculiar smell. This can make driver stay within the car without worrying their health.

If there is any enquiry, please dial 2904 8878 to contact our customer service officer, thank you!

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Customer’s Opinion

Price List of IAQ Control

Indoor Air Purifying Engineering Service (IAQ Control)
Saleable Area (ft sq) Price of Basic Plan Price of Deluxe Plan
(Free one time“Medical Grade Natural Disinfection Service”)
400 or below $2,680 $3,880
401 – 600 $3,180 $4,380
601 – 800 $3,980 $5,180
801 – 1,000 $4,480 $5,980
1,001 – 1,200 $5,080 $6,780
1,201 – 1,400 $5,480 $7,380
1,401 – 1,600 $5,980 $7,880
1,601 or above Please contact us to get the quotation

Basic Spraying service will include all wooden furniture, wall and ceiling, but not include the floor. If customers want to spray the floor, please join our deluxe spraying plan. Once joining our deluxe plan, we will provide one time“Medical Grade Natural Disinfection Service”with free of charge, which could reduce 99% or above bacteria and germs of indoor environment. If you would like to know more about natural disinfection service, please click Here
The above price is not included the transportation fee. The additional fees is subject to different areas. Thank you.

Indoor Air Purifying Engineering Service (IAQ Control) of vehicles
Number of Seats Price (include the fee of car park)
2 to 3 seats $980
4 to 5 seats $1,380
6 to 8 seats $1,580

Customers need to park the vehicle to our specific car park (Location: Car Park, 26 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon) on the service date, thanks for cooperation. Moreover, in order to support eco environment, we will provide 10% OFF to our customers if it is 100% electric vehicle, thank you.

Job References

Imperial Cullinan, The Hermitage, The Cullinan, One Silver Sea, The Masterpiece, The Arch, Celestial Heights, Mount Beacon, The Palazzo, Peak One, Lake Silver, Island Crest, Residence Bel-Air, Redhill Peninsula, Hong Kong Parkview, High Point, Mount Parker Residences, Century Gateway, The Latitude, Quarters, Riva, Le Prime, Chatham Gate, Dynasty Court, Park Haven, Cadogan, Alassio, The Hudson, Island Harbourview, Park Avenue, Skypark, One West Kowloon, Peninsula East, Laguna City, Harbourside, Sereno Verde, Providence Bay, Metro Town, Twin Peaks, Seaview Crescent, Ocean Shores, The Wings, Sausalito, Tycoon Place, The Beverly Hill, The Beaumount, Yuccie Square, Monte Vista, Caribbean Coast, Grand YOHO, Hill Paramount, The Coronation and Ultima, etc.

The above estates are parts of our customers (listed in no particular order), which have processed indoor air purification – VOC Control service, we could not list out all our serviced estates due to large volume. Sorry for any inconvenience caused!


Banks, Securities, Hotels & Resorts, Travel & Tourism, Financial, Manufacturing, Logistic, Retailers & Trade, Property Development, Food & Beverage, Telecom, Interior Design, Media, Publishing, Machinery and NGO, etc.

Authorized Distributor of Japan Nano Catalyst in Hong Kong and Macau

Magic Clean has been authorized to be official distributor and service provider in Hong Kong and Macau, if your company or organization is interested in our Japan Nano Catalyst or Indoor Air Purifier service, please feel free to contact us!

All the new franchise of service provider, we will provide selling skills, product introduction and service rundown in the training with free of charge.
If the service provider faces the problem during the introduction of Japan Nano Catalyst, we will provide the technical support to them.

If you are interested in ordering our product, or you want to be one of our service provider, please feel free to contact Ms. Alexandra Wu, thank you!
(Direct Line: 3756 3228 / Mobile: 9012 8878

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Authority Testing Report
(including Hong Kong, Japan & China)
Anti-bacteria Test PASS
Antivirus Test PASS
Anti-mould Test PASS
Safety for human Test PASS
VOC/Formaldehyde decomposition Test PASS
Acetaldehyde decomposition Test PASS

Award「HSBC Living Business : Silver Award on Green Achievement」from HSBC


Award「Hong Kong Green Award : Green Office Management Award 」from The Hong Kong Green Purchasing Charter


Member of The Hong Kong Green Purchasing Charter


Safety Test


1. What is formaldehyde, and how dangerous?

Formaldehyde is a colorless chemical gases (VOC which a gas), a pungent odor, causing extreme discomfort to eyes and respiratory airway at high concentrations. Prolonged exposure to formaldehyde can trigger allergies. In this case, a small amount of formaldehyde exposure may continue to cause serious adverse reactions. Cancer International Research Organization has classified formaldehyde as a possible carcinogen to humans. In other words, although the evidence is not sufficient in human terms, but there is sufficient evidence in experimental animals, is used in high concentrations of formaldehyde can cause nasal cancer.
(Information from IAQ Information Centre)

2. How formaldehyde into the interior?

Formaldehyde is a common indoor air pollutants. Indoor formaldehyde levels are usually higher than the outdoors, because the source of a lot of indoor formaldehyde, and poor ventilation system but also the formation of high levels of formaldehyde in the case. The main source of emissions of formaldehyde with urea-formaldehyde resin pressed wood products. These resins are used as adhesive materials, such as particle board, medium density fibreboard, plywood and other pressed wood products. When the maximum amount of formaldehyde in the first few months of the product made of emissions. Then, slowly release formaldehyde, release time can be sustained for a long time, usually over several years. Formaldehyde also by smoking, and combustion sources such as gas discharge device and kerosene heaters. Formaldehyde can also be found in other interior decoration items, such as the styrofoam insulation, adhesives, fabrics, carpets and floor coverings, as well as found in paper products and cosmetics.
(Information from IAQ Information Centre)

3. What is VOC?

VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) is called “volatile organic compounds”, which contains a variety of volatile organic compounds at room temperature. In general indoor environment, with more than 100 kinds of VOC, including formaldehyde. These sources of VOC release may be different, such as construction materials, wooden furniture, cosmetics, detergents, insecticides and second-hand smoke and so on. Sometimes, dry clothes after also may remain VOC. Long-term contact with the VOC, most likely caused by acute or chronic adverse effects on health. Many types of VOC will be addictive, slightly may cause eye, nose and throat discomfort, severe cases are more likely to inhibit the central nervous system.
(Information from IAQ Information Centre)

4. Where is the source of VOC in?

VOC sources including building materials, detergents, cosmetics, hair wax, carpet, furniture, laser printers, copiers, adhesives and interior decoration with paints and solvents.

5. How to effectively control VOC?

Multiple in-house testing to the VOC, has now been recognized as containing carcinogenic substances. Given the current and toxicology of VOC mixtures not yet fully grasp, so experts made the following pollution control arrangement:
1. Implementation of air purification technology
2. Control of pollution sources
3. Strengthen indoor ventilation
4. Produce less pollution

For inquiries, please call 29048878 and contact Customer Service consultant.




Customer Notice

  1. To avoid affecting the expected results in applying Magic Solution and raising dust and impurities during service, we suggest our Customers to clean their flat prior to service. Customers may choose to join our plan G to clean their flat first before using the Magic Solution service.
  2. Customer should ensure sure that any renovation and installation of fittings, fixtures and decorations have already completed and that furniture has already been moved in before using the Magic Solution service. If the rate of progress is delayed due to delay in completion of such renovation and installation, there will be an additional charge payable to the Company (Please refer to the Service Terms Clauses 8-10).
  3. Customer must remove all things from drawers and cabinets for our technician to spray Magic Solution on it.
  4. In order to ensure the accuracy of measuring the results of the VOC concentration, it is recommended that the Customer should close all the doors of wooden furniture 48 hours in advance. The technician will provide further advice on the process at the premises.
  5. Our technician will use surveying instruments to check the VOC concentration before and after performing Magic Solution, so that the Customer can compare the result after service. If the Customer does not have time to participate in the testing, we strongly suggest that the Customer authorizes their friends or relatives to participate. If the Customer requires, our technician will take photos of the results and email to customer after performing Magic Solution (Please inform us in advance). The Company’s initial testing of VOC concentration on site is the most accurate representation of the Company’s services and participation is highly encouraged.
  6. Please provide a suitable ladder to our technician if the Customer needs us to spray Magic Solution on the ceiling.
  7. Magic Solution cannot attach on things which are high density, our technician will not spray Magic Solution on the surface of glass, brick and metal.
  8. Magic Solution may be easily rubbed off of the floor with constant friction or high traffic areas, and so our technician will not spray Magic Solution on the surface of the floor.
  9. Magic Solution requires at least 48 hours to infiltrate in furniture, we therefore suggest that our Customers refrain from cleaning their furniture until after 48 hours.
  10. The result of Magic Solution will be better if our Customer opens all windows to allow ventilation after the Magic Solution service is finished. If the building outer wall or adjacent premises have been under renovation or repair, we suggest our Customer to turn on the air-conditioner for ventilation and avoid the dust outside of the premises and VOC from entering into the flat immediately after service.

Service Terms

  1. PERSONAL INFORMATION COLLECTION STATEMENT AND PRIVACY POLICY STATEMENT: In accordance with the Data Protection Policies of the Personal Privacy (Data) Ordinance (Cap 486), the Customer is hereby notified that (a) all personal information provided by the Customer is kept for the purpose of enabling the Company to provide services to the Customer and managing the Customer’s account with the Company; (b) it is obligatory for the Customer to provide information requested by the Company in order for the Company to provide service: in the event that the Customer refuses to provide information required, the Company may not be able to provide the Customer the services; (c) the Company may use personal information obtained from the Customer to inform the Customer of its services and recent marketing promotions; (d) the Company agrees to keep personal information of the Customer in strict confidence unless consent is obtained; (e) the Customer may correct any personal information collected by the Company by contacting the Company’s office staff and if the Customer chooses not to be contacted in relation to the Company’s services and promotions, the Customer may notify the Company in writing.
  2. Our Company requires advance payment of half of the service fee as a deposit before providing the Magic Solution service. The Customer may prepare payment of the balance by cheque or cash and pay the same to our technician on the service day. The Customer may also pay the deposit by ATM to our Hang Seng Bank account (Our account No. 229-176136-001) on or before service completes.
  3. All regular service scheduled for a particular date and time shall be final and may not be altered unless agreed by the Company and subject to availability. If the Customer would like to change the date or time of a scheduled regular service, the Customer should apply to the Company at least three working days in advance so as to allow proper arrangement to be made. If the Company is unable to change date or time, the Customer may cancel the service session but the already booked service days or hours will not be refunded or credited to the Customer. The Company may suspend the provision of services to the Customer at any time and shall endeavor to give notice to the Customer in advance.
  4. If Customer needs to cancel the booking with less than one working days’ notice, the Customer shall compensate our Company for administrative costs, travelling expense and lost service fee.
  5. If the service building does not have any elevator or if the elevator is malfunctioned at the time of service, the Company will charge a further handling equipment fee in the sum of HK$200.00 for each floor travelled by our service attendants subject to a maximum charge at four floors and total handling equipment fee in the sum of HK$800.00. No service will be provided if our service attendants are required to carry equipment up to five floors and above. If no notification is made to the Company in advance of elevator malfunction or lack of elevator, no advance payment will be refunded in this case.
  6. All cancellations of service due to reasons of the Customer shall not be refunded or credited to the Customer. The Customer may contact the Company to propose a service date and time. The service date is subject to confirmation by the Company, who will directly contact the Customer to finalize the date that service will be provided.
  7. Where the Customer has agreed to engage the Company for service sessions for more than once a week, in case of Typhoon Signal No.8 or announcement of Black Rainstorm Warning occurring within 2 hours from the time of scheduled service, all booked services will be automatically cancelled. No refund and/or compensation will be provided in this cancellation. Where services are agreed to be provided once a week or less frequently, the Company and the Customer shall arrange a suitable alternative time for service. If (a) black rainstorm warning(s) or typhoon 8 or above typhoon warning(s) is (are) cancelled more than two hours before the time of scheduled service, the booked service will remain scheduled.
  8. When our technician has finished a part of the Magic Solution service, and is required to wait for one hour or above to continue the process due to our customer’s renovations or decorations not having finished or the furniture hasn’t moved in, our Company will ask for a surcharge of HK$500.00 from Customer for waiting time. If our technician has another job on that day, our Company shall be entitled to suspend service temporarily and re-arrange the service date.
  9. In addition to Clause 8 above, if the Customer urgently needs to complete the service, our Company will charge i) a surcharge of HK$500.00 from the Customer for completing the service if our technician is available for service and is able to complete the service before 6:00PM; or. ii)a surcharge of HK$1,200 for completing the service (if our technician is available for service) but it is not expected that our technician can complete before 6:00PM.
  10. If the premises is under renovation and construction during the VOC Control process, such as oil repairing or cleaning, this may affect the VOC test measuring and processing results. The Customer may in such case elect to cancel or carry on with the VOC Control. If the service is cancelled, please refer to (Clause 4). If the service is carried on, please note that our Company cannot guarantee that the VOC measure and testing are an accurate representation of the result due to such renovation and construction work and the Customer shall not challenge our Company’s quality of service due to the result having been tainted due to such external factors.
  11. The Customer may request for an additional VOC testing service after the Magic Solution service date. Please contact the Company to arrange a service date for a cost quotation. If the concentration of VOC is within the standard (lower than 1ppm*), the Company will charge a testing fee as quoted; but if concentration of VOC is equal to or above 1ppm, Company shall only charge a travelling fee to be quoted.
  12. Any services requested by the Customer and any disputes regarding the service and the terms and conditions of this agreement is subject to the final decision of Company.
  13. These terms are to be construed in the English language. These terms also provided in Chinese for the Customer’s reference and information. In case of any discrepancy in relation to both versions, the English version shall prevail.

Remark: ppm:parts per million,1ppm will be defined as one millionth.